A blurb from a Precision Nutrition article I was reading today. Worth passing on. “Whole foods require more energy to digest, which is a good thing. A recent study compared whole food and processed food meals. Both meals were cheese sandwiches, but the whole food sandwich was made with multi-grain bread and cheddar cheese; the processed food sandwich was made […]

I’m feeling the need for a change in my daily food regimen.  It may have something to do with the excitement I feel for the wonderful fresh foods of Summer from local Farmer’s Markets. Today starts my 30 days of whole foods. Not according to a book of any kind, but on the basis of the questions I will ask myself […]

There was an article in the New York Times this past weekend that got a lot of hits. So, naturally it caught my attention. Why were people so interested in this article? The article was titled Bodybuilding in Your 50s: The Diet Puzzle. After reading it my initial thought was how fascinating it is that we continue to want to equate ourselves to those […]

…..think of taking a “field trip”. It could be a weekend hike, kayaking, a wine tour, or just sharing special time with special people. A daily field trip could be as simple as enjoying the moment outdoors with intention, sharing a moment with a child or grandchild with intention, or whispering in the wind with intention. You get the idea, […]

A superfood defined by wikipedia is “used to describe foods with supposed health benefits.” With that definition my mind immediately goes to foods like kale, spinach, asparagus, apples, cucumbers, onions, swiss chard and sauerkraut. These ‘superfoods’ all have definite health benefits that we have been enjoying for generations! Did you know that as of 2007 the marketing term of “superfoods” is […]

I was loving those digestive enzymes when my stomach was yelling at me after a bout with the stomach virus!  Yesterday, I blogged about it and said I would give you the scoop on what they are and how they work along with some info on probiotics. Here goes. Digestive enzymes are a supplement available in powder or pill form, filled with ingredients […]

As I sit here writing this blog, I am getting over a stomach bug. A bad nasty little creature! I wanted to share what I learned about healing during this virus. First, is that I love my Epica more than ever! Wondering about my faithful companion? Here is a glance at her: https://www.amazon.com/Transparent-Hot-Water-Bottle-Premium/dp/B006QYUO4Q/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1490705227&sr=8-2&keywords=epica+water+bottle Yes, she is a hot water bottle, and […]

The word alone can set off a myriad of feelings; none positive that I know of. Fear, pity, empathy, anger and sorrow – to name a few. None of which this strong willed lady bought into for more than 20 minutes. After all, she said “what am I going to do, cry about it?” If you have had someone you care […]

RIGHT-SIZE YOUR MEALS “Is dinner the biggest meal of your day?  Time to switch that.  Lunch should be the largest meal – packed with protein, good fats, and vegetables – because midday is when digestion peaks.  Breakfast should be significant too.  In the morning your body needs energy and your metabolism is cranking – think good fats delivered via avocado, […]

TrainSmart hit the Internship jackpot! We have some great individuals who are joining our team on a temporary basis as Interns from The University of Buffalo’s Exercise Science Program. We are very excited to have them on board! In an effort to see our training from a new set of eyes, we’ve asked them to write down their experiences in […]